Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blog it Forward-Inspiration!!!

I am so excited to participate in sfgirlbybay's blog it forward mashup! We were all given the task of describing what inspires us. First off a big thank you to Sarah over at Cursive Design for introducing me. Sarah's jewelry is so wonderful!

I was a bit overwhelmed when thinking about what inspires me because there are so many different things that spark my creativity, but I decided to narrow it down to three things, books, photography, family.

Reading has always been such a source of joy for me. Even as a little kid it was not uncommon for my parents to find me tucked up in a corner of the house reading. Luckily my parents were both avid readers and encouraged me to read, read, read! My dad gave me a copy of Steinbeck's East of Eden. It has remained a long standing favorite of mine. I love stories and draw tons of inspiration from books.

And here are a few other books I love...

Photography is my passion and I am constantly inspired to take better photos. I fell in love with it when I first picked up Annie Leibovitz's "Photographs." Her work opened up my eyes to how photography could convey emotion. Here are a few other photographers who's work has changed the way I view photography.
Todd Hido
Leslie Williamson
Eric Ogden
And of course... Annie.

Finally, my greatest source of inspiration comes from family!! Where would I be without the love and support of my parents, two brothers, and sister?? My parents have never balked at my desire to be an artist. They have done the opposite in fact, encouraged me at every step of the way. And of course my siblings offer me the laughter I need when things seem bleak. Inspiration comes to me in all sorts of way, but it is my family that reminds me of the most important thing in life-- love!
Phew! This is by far the longest blog entry for me!

I am happy to introduce up next Dashily! I have a soft spot for photo blogs and I don't think you will be disappointed by this one! Isn't this photo wonderful?!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Books are an amazing source of inspiration! I love the Romantic era and Victorian era of novels and would like to include my favorite quotations and writers in my work. Go reading!

  2. Lovely inspirations. I was up today too, so it's good to experience your blog. :)
    Thanks for the links to some great photographers.

  3. I love the reminder of the classical readings...

  4. Lovely post. My favorite Steinbeck is Cannery Row. I read it right before spending a summer in Monterey during college, and the whole summer was like magic. When I think of that book, I just feel good and nostalgic!

  5. books...where to begin!
    east of eden is definitely my favorite steinbeck. i read it when i moved back to the central coast of california after college and his words resonated so visually with me at that moment. i've been meaning to pick it up again and this may be the inspiration i needed!

  6. I love your work, especially portfolio iii, so I am very grateful to Blog It Forward for the introduction to your blog and your work. One of my good friends is a photography instructor at AAU of all things. I can't wait to click on each of those photographers links in this post. Your photography is beautiful and congrats on your degree last year! I'll be back to your blog, most definitely. :)

  7. hey darcy!! we haven't spoken in forever... i ran across a link to your blog on sfgirlbybay. so cool. alsoooo i checked out your website. your work is looking so beautiful...i just love it. some of your portraits look sooooo much like my close friend's paintings. you should check them out...

    i hope you're well. we should get together sometime!!!